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Reasons you can request a child custody modification

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Child Custody

If you have a child custody arrangement in place but the current terms don’t work for your lifestyle, you and your ex may need to go to court. A family law judge will go over the reasons why you want to modify the custody agreement, so you’ll need to have a valid explanation for making the changes. If you’re a New Jersey resident, here are some things that can help you be prepared for court.

When are modificatios necessary?

In general, the courts will not agree to change your child custody agreement if the terms are working well for everyone involved. The best interest of the children is the main concern, so a judge is not likely to interrupt the child’s current way of life for reasons that aren’t significant.

The safety of the child

One of the main reasons why a family law court will consider changing the child custody agreement is if the child is in danger in the household where they reside. If there is domestic violence in the home, the child has been abused, or the child has expressed a desire to relocate, the courts may rule that the child leaves the home.

Parental relocation

The courts will also consider a modification of the child custody agreement if one of the parents wants to move to another city or state. The courts will consider why the parent is moving and whether the child’s life will be significantly interrupted. The courts will also review the visitation schedule and determine whether it will be feasible once the parent moves away.

If the parents have discussed possible modifications ahead of their court date and bring their concerns to the judge, the courts could be more likely to make a ruling in favor of the child’s best interest and the parents’ schedule.