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What are the types of alimony in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Alimony

New Jersey may award alimony to a person going through a divorce or dissolution of a civil union. There are different types of spousal support to meet the needs of various situations. In some cases, New Jersey may combine more than one type of alimony.

Pendente lite

Pendente lite is only possible while the divorce proceedings are ongoing. A judge may award pendente lite alimony if one spouse needs financial assistance while going through the divorce. Although this financial assistance ends upon finalization of the divorce, the judge could arrange for a different type of spousal support if the spouse still needs financial help.


Some people aren’t able to immediately support themselves after the divorce. Rehabilitative alimony helps divorcees get back on their feet. This could help them acquire the education, skills and education that they need to enter the workforce.

Limited duration

Limited duration spousal support has a predetermined ending date. A judge may order this type of alimony to help one spouse reach the marital standard of living again. They may have to go through career training to accomplish that and thus need temporary spousal support. Unless circumstances warrant it, limited duration alimony can’t last longer than the duration of the marriage.

Open durational

There isn’t a predetermined fixed ending date with open durational alimony. A marriage must last at least 20 years for a judge to order open durational alimony. In rare circumstances, a judge may still order this type of spousal support when the marriage didn’t last 20 years. Open durational spousal support usually ends when the paying spouse reaches retirement age.


If you sacrificed your own education and furthering of your career to allow your spouse to go to school or receive any other type of training, then you could receive reimbursement alimony. This reimburses you for your share of your spouse’s education and training costs.

The length of your marriage and your financial situation influence what type of alimony you receive if the judge determines that you qualify. If you’re able to work, then you will usually only receive spousal support long enough to help you get the necessary skills for employment.