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How virtual visitation can be useful for co-parents

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | FAMILY LAW - Family Law

Sometimes, it is not possible for a parent and child to live under the same roof at all times. For example, a parent may have ended their romantic relationship with their child’s other parent and each parent may share time with that child. Due to time spent apart, the parent may feel like they are missing out on their child’s life for periods of days, weeks or even months at a stretch.

Thankfully, technology has made virtual visitation much easier. A parent can be routinely involved in their child’s life via online communication methods. The following are some of the virtual visitation methods that co-parents can employ to great success.

Face-to-face conversations

While talking on the phone can be very important, parents and children often feel like they are missing out on the face-to-face element. Video calls can really help with this. The majority of communication apps now offer some form of video call options. These allow parents and children to have face-face conversations at scheduled times.

Online gaming

While having regular conversations can be highly beneficial, co-parents may feel like they are missing out on shared activities with their children. Online gaming is one way that this feeling can be countered. The majority of video games now have an online element where people can connect from all over the globe. Parents and their children can find games that they both enjoy and can play together. This creates shared experiences, memories and helps to maintain a strong bond.

Virtual visitation can be worked into your custody agreement. Seeking legal guidance proactively can help you establish (or modify) a custody agreement that meets the needs of your child.