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Tips for co-parent communication on vacation

On Behalf of | May 13, 2024 | Child Custody

Taking your children on vacation is usually the highlight of the year for everyone. It’s a chance to get away and enjoy new experiences. If you’re co-parenting, this can be a challenge, especially if it’s the first time you’re going on vacation. 

One thing that you have to think about is the communication between your children and your ex. Most children won’t want to go on an entire vacation without talking to their other parent, so it’s best to plan ahead to make it easier for them to connect. 

Set a schedule for communication

Setting a schedule for communication during the trip can give the child something to look forward to. It can also help the other parent to know when they should be available. You may need to do this more for younger children because older kids may have phones of their own that they can contact their other parent with. 

Encourage your children to share memories

Children will sometimes worry that their parent who isn’t on vacation with them may not want to know much about the vacation. It may help them to feel more comfortable sharing. You can also take pictures and encourage them to find other things to share. If your children are younger, you may have to be the one to share pictures and similar items.

The terms for vacation planning, including any geographic restrictions, should be discussed in your parenting plan. Getting this together as quickly as possible after you split up from your ex can help everyone start adjusting to the new normal as quickly as possible. Working with someone familiar with these matters can help you to get the terms set in a way that’s best for the children.