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Reasons you might need a lawyer when changing your children’s names

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Child Custody

During divorce, parents may be able to change their children’s names legally. The process is generally straightforward, but seeking the assistance of a lawyer might make the process much easier.

Why might you decide to change your child’s name?

The court usually requires the parent to state the reason for the name change. The reason often varies from one person to another. For example, some want their children to bear their last name instead of their ex’s, while others look to start anew by dissociating themselves and their children from their former partner.

In any case, the court usually decides whether the reason is valid. They will likely require you to submit an affidavit declaring that you are not changing your children’s name to avoid prosecution, evade creditors or commit a crime.

How can a lawyer help?

Changing your children’s names is a multistep process, and a lawyer might help in the following ways:

  • Securing correct paperwork. You need to submit various forms and documents to facilitate your request. Your lawyer can help ensure you present the correct documents on time.
  • Obtaining your ex’s permission. The court will likely require you to secure your ex’s consent to the name change. If you find communicating with your former partner hard, your lawyer may act as your representative.
  • Explaining the process. Your lawyer can explain the different steps for changing your children’s names, helping you understand each and prepare for them in advance.
  • Appearing in court. If speaking in court intimidates you, you can ask for your lawyer’s help in building and presenting your case before the judge.

A family law attorney understands the intricacies of the law. Working with them will help you overcome many legal challenges, protect your children’s rights and enhance your chances of securing the outcome you want.