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What to consider during private adoptions in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2024 | FAMILY LAW - Family Law

Because of its personalized approach, private adoption has gained recognition as a path to build and expand families. However, it is also a multifaceted process that involves navigating legal requirements and addressing the child’s emotional needs, among other considerations.

When considering a private adoption in New Jersey, there are key factors you should be aware of, which include the following:

How it differs from other adoption types

A private adoption is one wherein the adoptive parents work directly with the birth parents without the use of an adoption agency. This usually allows for more personal interaction between the birth and adoptive parents, making the experience particularly meaningful.

Potential adoption expenses

If you are considering a private adoption, you must know what expenses the law allows for adoptive parents to pay. In New Jersey, adoptive parents can pay for certain adoption-related expenses, such as the birth mother’s hospital and medical costs and certain legal fees.

The need for court approval

While private adoption gives parties more control over decisions, the adoption will only be final once the court approves it. This usually involves a hearing where the judge reviews all the documentation and the home study results to ensure the child’s best interests are a top priority.

Considering waiting periods and revocation

You must familiarize yourself with any waiting periods during which the birth parents can revoke their consent to the adoption, as well as any post-adoption revocation periods.

Proactively minimizing errors

Regardless of whether you are considering a private or agency-assisted adoption, it is highly advisable to work with an experienced adoption attorney to ensure you are complying with the laws and the correct adoption process and minimizing the chances of errors.