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Can social media posts hurt your child custody case?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2023 | Child Custody

There is no denying that social media impacts our lives. Almost three-quarters of U.S. adults use it to stay connected with family and friends, find out what is happening in the community, and discover new trends.

But, if you are in the middle of a child custody battle, you may want to put your postings on pause.

Privacy in the digital age

When using social media, many believe their posts are private and seen only by friends and family. However, during child custody hearings, the opposing party may use various strategies to access your content to use as evidence.

Sharing pictures of excessive partying and risky behavior can contradict the image of the responsible parent that you are presenting in court. The judge may use that information to determine if you can provide your child with a stable, safe, nurturing environment. Even an innocent picture or comment can be misconstrued if taken out of context.

If you are in child custody hearings, your best option is to avoid social media altogether. But that may not be easy, depending on your situation. In that case, here are some tips for managing your online presence:

  • Review your privacy settings and control who can see and share your posts.
  • Refrain from posting anything regarding your case.
  • Don’t make negative comments about your ex-partner or anyone involved in the legal proceedings.
  • Don’t accept any new friend requests.
  • Keep a positive, upbeat attitude.

Your children are important to you, and you want to be with them as much as possible. Understanding how social media affects your child custody case can help protect your interests in the courtroom.