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How can a certified divorce financial analyst serve you?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Divorce

Most couples who are divorcing in New Jersey could benefit from consulting with a financial professional like a certified divorce financial analyst (CDFA). A CDFA could help you resolve financial issues in the divorce and plan for a healthy financial future after the divorce.

Settlement negotiations

Certified divorce financial analysts may help you during settlement negotiations to ensure you and your spouse divide the assets in a way that makes the most sense. How you divide the assets matters because some methods will cause you and your spouse to lose money. They could also help you determine whether you can afford to keep the house. They may explain the likely financial outcomes of various settlement ideas from not just a short-term perspective but also a long-term perspective.

Prepare for the future

You could hire a CDFA to assist you in creating a budget and a financial plan for your life after the divorce. Many couples who don’t consult with a financial professional struggle financially after a divorce.

What makes CDFAs trustworthy

CDFAs must have a bachelor’s degree and three years of relevant experience or five years of experience when they don’t have a bachelor’s degree. Candidates must pass a 150-question exam in order to obtain certification. People who want to become a certified divorce financial analyst could take a course through the certification organization to prepare themselves for passing the exam. CDFAs need to renew their certification on an annual basis at a $345 fee. They also need to complete at least 30 hours of divorce-related ongoing education every two years.

Hiring a certified divorce financial analyst could help you have more confidence in the decisions you make during a divorce settlement. You may also turn to this professional for assistance in setting up a plan for a financially secure future after the divorce.