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Reaching a Fair Child Support Agreement

Are you not receiving court-ordered child support? Do you need to change the amount of support because of a change in personal circumstances? Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law provides experienced representation in all legal matters pertaining to child support.

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Initial Determination of Child Support

  • The amount the nonprimary parent will pay is based on New Jersey child support guidelines. Judges have limited leeway to vary from these guidelines. However, the court needs accurate information about income to apply the child support calculator. Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law has practiced family law for over 25 years, and uses subpoenas of financial records or forensic accountants as necessary, particularly if one parent is self-employed and their reported income is not reliable.

Child Support Modification

  • Either parent can petition the court to modify the level of support upward or downward. The court requires a “substantial change in circumstances,” such as a layoff or unemployment, a raise or new job, or changing needs of the child. New Jersey law also compels the parties to pay toward college expenses for the minor child(ren), and the child support may be decreased depending on the facts of the case. A party may request to emancipate a child if the child does not pursue a higher education, attends the military or other factors.

Enforcement Actions

  • If you are not receiving child support, Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law can step in to request the nonprimary parent lives up to his or her obligations. A family law judge can jail the parent for contempt of court, and your lawyer can advise on other legal avenues, such as wage garnishment and bank account liens.

Paternity Actions

  • We represent men or women in paternity matters. We can arrange DNA testing to prove (or disprove) fatherhood, and to petition the court to establish child support and visitation.

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