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Buying or Selling Your Home

The residential real estate market can be a mental and emotional roller coaster of offers, inspections, financing and closings. If this is your first time buying or selling a home, that effect can be even greater as you have no idea what to expect. Even veteran home buyers often run into unknowns and complex situations.

To protect yourself and complete the process as efficiently as possible, it is important that you work with a skilled real estate attorney who understands the residential real estate market and how to confront the many issues that can and will arise.

Careful Guidance as You Navigate the Residential Real Estate Process and Buy or Sell a Home

Attorney Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law provides individualized and focused real estate representation to individuals and families throughout the New Jersey housing market. Protect yourself and your future during the home-buying process by working with a lawyer with the skill and experience you need.

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Every real estate transaction is built on a mountain of contracts. Each step in the process requires agreeing to certain terms and signing a contract binding you to that agreement. Many people skim through these contracts, overwhelmed by the length and the paperwork, unaware of what they are actually agreeing to.

Far too many people find themselves legally bound to terms they did not realize they had agreed to. These mistakes can cost a person thousands — if not tens of thousands — of dollars. You can protect yourself from these missteps by working with a skilled lawyer who understands the nuances of real estate contracts.

Attorney Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law will thoroughly review each contract and provide you with a clear understanding of what the agreement proposes, including hidden details that could cost you significantly down the road. If you have any counter-offers or amendments to propose, he will assist in the negotiation process, fighting for the outcome you are seeking.