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Accurate Valuation of Property and Business Assets

In a New Jersey divorce, courts decide marital property distribution according to what is fair, not necessarily equal. However, before property can be divided and debts allocated, it is necessary to identify the accurate value of such marital assets and liabilities. At Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law, we help clients in Moorestown and Mount Holly in the division of assets in divorce. Attorney Michael J. Stein offers more than 25 years of experience and is sensitive to his clients’ needs as he guides them through divorce.

Experience With Critical Valuations of Businesses and Investments

At Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law, we represent men and women facing challenges in their New Jersey divorce. Mr. Stein’s experience in real estate law offers an additional benefit to clients with complex property concerns in their divorce.

Protecting your financial interests in a New Jersey divorce begins with accurate valuations of real estate, business interests, collections, employment benefits, retirement accounts, and other assets and liabilities that are subject to division.

  • Real estate asset valuations: Depending on the nature of the real estate, ascertaining the fair value can be relatively straightforward or can be more involved. For example, obtaining the value of investment rental properties, including the value of rental income or profits brought in by such rental properties, will require closer scrutiny than obtaining the market value of the marital home.
  • Business asset valuations: When business interests are caught up in divorce, it is critical to first identify the intention for the business — will it survive the divorce? If the goal is to continue business operations, an even higher level of attention is necessary to ensure that the business’ reputation and goodwill will not be affected by the divorce. Then, whether proceeding with a buyout, offsetting asset distribution, or business dissolution, careful analysis of deferred compensation, stock, cash flows, and multiple other factors must commence.
  • Other property valuations: It is important to understand that careful property valuations are necessary even when you feel you do not have a significant amount of assets. Jewelry, tools, artwork, collections, or the most commonly overlooked high asset — retirement accounts — may have significant value that should be taken into consideration when dividing property.

Divorce attorney Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law uses forensic accountants, CPAs, and other resources to identify and value such assets. He then works closely with our clients to negotiate fair property settlement agreements, when possible, or aggressively represents their interests in the courtroom.

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