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Visitation/Parenting Time

In a divorce or breakup of unmarried parents, it is only natural to worry about your parental rights or to be apprehensive about how the split will affect your relationship with your children. Divorce is extremely difficult on children and it can be made even more difficult when the parents let anger and hurt lead to a drawn-out, contentious battle. That is why, at the law office of Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law we focus on resolving child custody and visitation matters outside of the courtroom — where difficult issues can be worked through with dignity and respect, and most importantly, in the best interests of the children.

Protect Parental Visitation Rights: A New Jersey Lawyer Who Cares

Our law firm offers more than 25 years of experience guiding clients through emotionally charged family law situations. We listen to your situation with compassion and a level head. We explore your options and develop solutions that protect your parental rights and your child’s best interests.

Visitation in New Jersey — The Basics

New Jersey family courts tend to favor child custody and visitation arrangements where both the mother and the father have significant involvement in the child’s life. However, even when sole custody is awarded over some form of joint custody, the courts will usually still award visitation rights to the other parent. Visitation will only be denied by the court when it is determined that visitation would cause physical or emotional harm to the child. However, even in these extreme situations, the court may still award some form of limited visitation, such as supervised visitation rights.

Negotiating Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements

Child visitation lawyer Michael J. Stein is a certified family law mediator who knows how to get to the center of the issues involved and work with the parties to come to an agreement on delicate issues of child custody and visitation. Recognizing that the outcome is usually more favorable when an agreement can be reached, he works with clients to develop a parenting plan that fits the parents’ schedules and preserves the child’s best interests. When an agreement cannot be reached, the court requires some form of family law mediation before matters can be brought to a judge.

While Mr. Stein is a caring, yet persuasive child custody and visitation lawyer at the negotiating table, he is an aggressive advocate in the courtroom.

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