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Modifying Divorce Decrees

There are situations that will require a family to return to court to resolve legal issues arising long after the initial divorce or custody order is finalized. A change in employment, proposed move out of state, remarriage, or another matter may significantly impact the usability of the existing court order or agreement. Moorestown and Mount Holly child support modification attorney Michael J. Stein Attorney At Law has more than 25 years of experience guiding South Jersey families through post-divorce modifications of custody, support, and other matters.

Modifying Court Orders in New Jersey to Reflect the Needs of Your Family

In New Jersey, a change in an existing court order or agreement is called a post-judgment modification. Our South Jersey law firm is equipped to represent clients throughout New Jersey in all types of post-judgment modifications, including:

  • Child support modifications: An increase or decrease in child support obligations may be warranted in situations where either parent’s income has significantly increased or decreased, where the parenting schedule has significantly changed, where the child has reached the age of majority, or where there is any other significant change in financial circumstance.
  • Spousal support/alimony modification: A change in the situation that affects an ex-spouse’s ability to pay support or an ex-spouse’s need to receive support can result in a court-ordered modification of alimony/spousal support. The court considers a number of factors in order to determine if a significant change in circumstances warrants a modification of the existing order. This could involve a supported spouse becoming self-supporting or remarrying, a supporting spouse’s retirement or disability, or either spouse’s change in income or health situation.
  • Child custody modifications: Child custody issues are always decided based upon the best interests of the child. If a material change of circumstance has occurred and a modification of the existing custody and visitation arrangement would be in the best interests of the child, the court may approve the modification. While every situation is unique, common issues brought to the court to consider a modification involve a request for relocation or removal of the child from New Jersey, a change in the child’s schedule (such as addition of after-school activities that coincide with visitation time), an allegation of child abuse or neglect, or any other significant change.

Recognizing that expenses increase with every dispute that must be decided by the court, we work to resolve issues through effective negotiation. Attorney Michael J. Stein is a court-certified mediator and can represent clients as their lawyer or can serve as a neutral mediator. When an agreement cannot be reached, or it is not in our client’s best interests to settle, we aggressively pursue a successful litigated outcome.

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In many situations, post-judgment issues can be as emotionally charged as the original court case. We understand this. We carefully assess your situation with compassion and diligence.

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